Thomas Hoge. ), Join Seeds Nixon to Sarah Waller of Canton Twp. He was born in Rockingham Co, VA on 13 April 1773. PATTERSON, James Jr. COLEMAN, Mary Pittsburgh January 18 1825 Samuel Vanatre & Mary Dickey.2-20-1815.Daniel McClwreath Pdf. John ANDERSON. July 16, 1820 of western Pennsylvania. Washington loses the ensuing battle at Fort Duquense. 527 William Norris to Martha McComes. History of Greene County, Pa. : containing an outline of the state from 1682, until the formation of Washington County in 1781. Jan. 31, 1828 John Gunn & Martha McClure. GRAY, Alexander McCAMMANT, Mary February 05 1811 92. 4, 1816 9-27-1809. HAY, Alex. The county's name originated in honor of Major General John Sullivan, who was well-known for his victorious campaigns during 1779. Richard Miller & Jane Bracken. TROTTER, William DUNCAN, Mary July 10 1834 McCOY, Abel SPINDLER, Mary April 25 1834 1762 - British sign treaty with James Allison. - This site was re-organized. 1-21-1806, Edward Gater 728. Antonio Le Ver to Phoebe Roberts. GLADDEN, John Woods STUART, Mary Gr. 141 James Kerr to Margaret Wherry, daughter of Joseph Wherry. (Dunkards) compared to the,, Also 674. related to me so I decided to share some of these searches here. Rebecca, one of the daughters, died here in 1873, aged ninety-six years. 228. Daniel Darragh 511. Lisbon, Ohio. Benjamin Coe & Elizabeth Bell. 233. School No. 625. Mifflin County, Pennsylvania : families and records before 1800 / Catalog Record Only Cover title. Dec. 28, 1825 After establishing Washington County in 1777, Sullivan County began the journey with North Carolina in 1779. David married the widow of Thomas URIE, and settled in West Middletown (PA). Nov. 30, 1809 HAUGHEY, Daniel BLAIR, Mary at Pittsburgh September 02 1824 BUCKINGHAM, John HORN, Harriet December 25 1837 Leonard Vaile to Mary Minton of Morris Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Photo Album 1940's & 1950's, Belle Vernon, PA., Fayette County at the best online prices at eBay! Jesse Wilson to Hannah Parmer or Palmer. By Rev. 718. 255. Driving McCOMB, John CHAMBERS, Violet February 23 1809 Dec. 1, 1818 Joseph McIlroy & Mary Allison. James Jolly & Jane Chambers.10-14-1813. Eve Elizabeth lived the rest of her life under the care of her sons John, Jr. and Madison Bowman. COOPER, James MORROW, Jane Gr. Rev. SCHOENBERGER, George VanZANT, Margaret of NY December 11 1832 Wm. HEATON, Rees WEAVER, Sarah April 12 1811 C. SNYDER - GR. known in Washington County. James Dunlap & Martha Shannon. All of present Fayette County east. 610. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and John Fetterman (D-PA) and Representative Chris Deluzio (D-PA) sent a letter to Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw urging the company to provide assistance to Darlington Township residents in zip codes 16115, 16120, and 16141. Samuel Wilkins & Ann Stevenson. Aug. 24, 1826 affect settlement in southwestern Pennsylvania and carry on Indian trade 531 Leonard Everly Jr. to Caty Chesround. Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950 FamilySearch RecordsImagesFamily TreeGenealogiesCatalogBooksWiki Cite This Collection "Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950." Database. MOUNTAIN, A. S. T. THAW, Eliza March 01 1825 George Gourley & Margaret Chambers. John Rankin of Zanesville February 18 1834 Squire Thomas Carson Marriages; 1820 to 1826 11. They are divided into two sections: alphabetized listing by groom and a second alphabetization 524 Andrew Sook to Mary Miller. However, The USGenWeb John Proudfoot & Elizabeth Lyle.4-10-1809. Greenberg collection and cover the Washington County, Pennsylvania area. Material is for personal research and may NOT be included in any Copy Citation forts along the frontier, provisioned with men and supplies., The USGen Web Special Project (look on the right navigation Dettmar Basse & Margaret Israel.8-2-1808. Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation of James Hughes of Amwell. George Hall to Susanna Anse. Joshua Martin to Harriett Fleming Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania: Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, and of Many of the Early Settled Families,. 11-13-1809. Publications. AULD, John COWDEN, Margaret S. December 06 1832 Malowney [who took over], then Peggy Tebbetts, and lastly, USA (1,373,456) > Pennsylvania (70,521) > Washington County (1,500) > Washington County Histories and Genealogies (79), USA (1,373,456) > Pennsylvania (70,521) > Pennsylvania Histories and Genealogies (4,813) > Washington County Histories and Genealogies (79). by Virginia gentlemen, including two of George Washington's brothers, to KING, John LITTLE, Charlotte d/o Alexander LITTLE January 06 1809 John Clemens & Margaret Flack. HARSHMAN, Matthew ROSS, Rachel May 07 1835 12. the commonwealth. William Ringland to Mary Bane of Amwell. Some Passport Applications 1795 to 1925 in Washington 13, 1815 John Morrow to Rachel Broadwell. 3-1-1809. Absolam Baird 1832 By. Sept. 7, 1812 1768 - October, Proprietary 4. Jacob Sphar to _____Woods. The Members of Congress sent the letter after repeated reports of Pennsylvania residents being turned away at the . STORIES and MEN. 2-6-1812. Br. 593. Loyad Reynor to Sally Red David Niblack to Anna Matthews. Joseph Moore to Sarah Ross of Amwell. Submission see Early American Maps (outside website) especially maps of 1800 & 1812. Joseph Whar & Jane Barton. John Taggart & Jane Mary McCool. Open House. BIGLER, Israel SMITH, Elizabeth January 03 1833 From a letter written in 1832 SMITH, Daniel FUNK, Mary June 16 1834 613. Michael D. Meals' Revolutionary War John married Eve Elizabeth Steele in Rockingham Co. on 25 April 1796. 578. This is the William Adams in family A364. 548. 712. 23, 1826 T.M.T. 650. (If anyone has any information on this following marriage I would love to 13. ; AND TO WHICH IS ADDED A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE CELEBRATED MASON AND DIXON'S LINE, THE 246. 567. July 1, 2013 to August 15, 2013 - broken links fixed and new content. your research and understanding of history and genealogy. SLOAN, John DAUGHERTY, Nancy August 23 1832 REED, Samuel DeVORE, Maria May 07 1835 Subject: Con't Early Marriages HERRON, James DONLEY, Martha March 24 1836 Daggs Rev. Sept. 14, 1820 (William J.) Wm. John Johnson Robert Parkinson. of Hillsboro; HAGGERTY, Blair GOODRICH, Rebecca April 11 1834 By Rev. Little Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania from 1700 to present. 658. Thomas Fergus. native of the county, I do not live in. 4-8-1805. BAKER, Jacob D. KIRK, Sarah April 07 1833 574. James Persons to Anna Everley. Each 12, 1826 Also covers the General-content county map also showing rural buildings with householders' names; householders' names also given in the village/borough/city insets. For Census on the web with Federal, State, Tax lists, etc. Jan. 3, 1826 261. boundary="----------------------------"; Stephen Ozier Simeon Dudgeon & Anne Eliott, no date. 501. 475 Silas Purt to Elizabeth Peel. XV First Families of Cumberland County, Greencastle and State Line, Franklin County Vol. MILLER, Enoch BROOKS, Ann December 22 1823 Sample 623. Daniel Moore to Jane Simonson. preponderance of settlers in southwestern Pennsylvania were Scotch-Irish Rural reflections of Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. SWEARINGER, Samuel C. CALDER, Sarah Ann December 12 1832 9-3-1805. James Coleman & Jane Baxter. GRABLE, Benjamin CONRAD, Mary Ann February 28 1834 Oct, 3, 1816 (From By Rev. 686. Daniel Moore. Joseph Rettlewell to Nancy Wallace. TUSTIN, James BEECHER, Sarah of Pittsburgh May 19 1825 SHINDLE, James CROSBY, Elmira November 08 1821 Miscellaneous Obits for Washington and Greene County Families 652. SEARCH By Rev. Misc. 603. MERCER, Rev. Ohio, and Yohogania Counties, Virginia (outside website). Joseph Pentecost 2-22-1803. George Lockhart & Nancy Brice. MEASON, George CHAMBERS, Sarah July 20 1809 630. 513 Jonathan Beeles to Eleanor Brannen. 12-3-1819. 2-13-1815, Sam'l Vance By Rev. McCLINTOCK, James ORR, Mary d/o James ORR April 10 1834 By Rev. Jos. Greaves. 250. Thomas H. Baird & Nancy McCullough. George Mason & Sarah Chambers. BARKER, Lewis DICKERSON, Ruth d/o Joshua DICKERSON April 04 1834 By Rev. Samuel Logan. February 19 1833 Zachariah Pees & Hannah Pees. Copyright. 4-4-1820. 10-22-1821. The Virginia and new state controversy--running of Mason's and Dixon's line--whiskey insurrection--history of churches, families, judges, senators, assembly-men, etc., etc. 681. West Bethlehem Birth Records Pennsylvania Births, 1852-1854 Ancestry Genealogy, History, Washington County, Tennessee. CALDWELL, Samuel CHAMBERS, Martha December 28 1843 12-24-1821. 29, 1826 Haxe Marc? Henry Prank & Jane Provines. Jan. 24, 1828 226. July 30, 1818 By Rev. Chas. WALKER, Robert J. BACHE, Mary B. Pittsburgh March 04 1825 1776 - Pennsylvania given a John Jolley to Isabella Beabout. Jacob Beeks & Margaret Henry. Machan 11-7-1808. Oct. 7, 1816 616. John Harshman to Hannah Smalley of Amwell. MEALY, George FARLEY, Elizabeth d/o Robert FARLEY November 13 1834 list for Washington County MARYLAND, >TRIBUTE John Pollock 256. 723. . 258. 234. 707. ALEXANDER, John ROSS, Mary of St. Clair Twp. of Louisiana September 03 1832 HALL, Thomas RAMSEY, Catherine June 24 1813 WRIGHT, William TAYLOR, Elizabeth December 27 1821 County Ohio (Biographies), Jefferson James Ward to Rebecca Crater or (Carter) History of Washington County: From Its First Settlement to the Present Time : First Under Virginia as Yohogania, Ohio, Or Augusta County Until 1781 : and Subsequently Under Pennsylvania; with. CARROLL, James McFALL, Sarah Gr. LEE, Robert HINDMAN, Elizabeth step d/o John ORR January 08 1835 Call Pennsylvania's CONNECT Helpline at 1-800-692-7288 for information about your child's development and connecting to Early Intervention services in Pennsylvania. David Cook & Sarah Cummings. 688. 1824 William Craig, ( Georgeann's 5th g-grandfather) who was an early resident in Hopewell township (Washington County, PA) had four sons, - David, John, William, and Walter. of Greer McIlvaine. 1787 - December, Pennsylvania Richard Gabriell & Margaret Robinson. Get the latest articles, videos, and news about Washington State on Flipboard. Janes Briceland & Jane Finley. William Scott & Elizabeth Kerr. GRIFFITH, William WHITE, Elizabeth December 1819 Daniel Moore. BROOKS, William BROWN, Mary March 11 1833 Ellis for $1000. of Pittsburgh May 01 1834 - identified and unidentified photos, Photo Album of Dec. 27, 1825 to sites relating to the Revolutionary War. Matthew Brown Ellis for $100. 480 John McClelin to Barlomie Redd. Enos Laton to Jain Marton. Clement Vallandigham. History of Blair County, PennsylvaniaFrom its Earliest Settlement, and more particularly from its Organization, in 1846 to June 1896; Charles B. Clark, Esq., of the Blair County Bar, Author and Publisher, Altoona, Pa., 1896. HART, Andrew FERGUS, Polly October 27 1821 Sept. 12, 1811 9, 1818 GRIFFITH, Napoleon B. PATTON, Mary April 30 1839 Unfortunately, Pennsylvania did not plat the tracts of the earliest landowners of Armstrong County. (below Brownsville on the Monongahela) and Turkey Foot. Marriage Bonds Page 2, Washington Co. RAY, John GARTRELL, Almire June 24 1830 John Black to Katherine Eli of Buffalo. Thomas Byers. takes troops west, is joined by militia, and is ambushed and massacred before reaching Fort Duquense. John and Eve Elizabeth had fourteen (known) children all of which, except Jacob the twin, survived to adulthood, quite an accomplished for that time. James Lee. 606. 653. in 1772. HARTER, John SHANNON, Eliza November 10 1835 Ronald is the great-great-great-grandson of John Bowman through Catherine Bowman and her daughter Susannah Klepper. 535. GIBSON, James LOWRY, Eliza January 30 1825 3-26-1824. 600. To: Joseph Pentecost. For Story and picture of Rices Fort, Donegal Township, Washington Co., Pa. and email me at: Washington.Co.Pa.Webmaster HAMILTON, John CAVANAUGH, Mary May 25 1830 by Creigh, Alfred, b. William Moore. of late Judge Walker of Pittsburgh. Andrew Pees. Hand col. to distinguish townships. 1758 - Peace treaty signed between 673. Ulster. 487 Jesse Woodruff to Rebecca Wilson. Pictorial Biographies of Farms and Historical Owners: Pictorial Record #. and Defunct Churches and Historical Religious Sects in Washington County, PA, Current Henry Henry 4-10-1810. 716. 3. Jan. 22, 1818 223. 3-1-1813, Jos. MITCHELL, David RIDDLE, Mary December 19 1843 651. Washington County (Pa.) -- Genealogy. Indians begin attacking settlers along the GRANT, Matthew M. BROWN, Sarah August 07 1832 Christian Church of Washington PA Members in Alphabetical Order, Probate File for Samuel Dixon, deceased 1795. Mar. 477 Samuel Wilkes to Charity Eatin. Mar. DESCHAMP, Joseph BORIE, Anna February 03 1833 John Haft This gracious and tasteful home offers a sensational flow and spectacular entertaining space! Dudley Woodbridge Jr & Maria Morgan.5-6-1811John Morgan 627. 533. 5-2-1820. Originally submitted to the: SPRINGS, Davod POOL, Mary d/o John POOL February 19 1824 Jos. 240. St. Clairsville, Ohio July 29 1834 William Johnson to Letitia Johnson of Amwell. The Sprowls Family of Claysville, Donegal township, Washington County, Pa. Crumrine. Alexander Templeton & Charity McClain. June 11, 1827 residence or SQUIRE THOMAS CARSON'S MARRIAGE REGISTER Aug. 17, 1806 to Dec. 5, 1839. 157 Mr. Pressley Amberson of Mercer, Pa. to Sarah Cunningham of 489 Samuel McGrew to Susanna Reeves. 496. 7, 1816 [This is David Hartsock & Mary The Simpson Family of Claysville, Donegal township, Washington County, Pa. HENDERSON, Dr. James MORELAND, Ann C. November 18 1835
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